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At TasBijoux, we "Celebrate Dressing Up". This belief is at the center of our passion, and something we proudly preach to our fellow Patrons. There is no limit to what we desire to design and create, however, here at TasBioux, we specifically specialize in handbags and shoes.

We partnered up with a few workshops located in the most beautiful places on the world, like Budapest and Cape Town. We mainly use leathers and other materials like Songkets and Tekad Emas, adding a little bit of heritage to our pieces is something we love doing.

TasBijoux has been around since 2013, when Creative Director Nur Zalikha was in her final year as an Architecture student at University of Malaya, decided to go for her ambition of starting her own design firm, pretty much randomly. Many years later, she and her team are still on this adventure of creating beautiful things, and bespoke pieces that are "Made For You".

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